aWireframeML top level element. For simplicity sake each instance contains only 1 wireframe. This may cause some redundancy to occur but should reduce complexity in implementations. Instances should be named with a .xml extension. Every wireframe has a header which describes it. This is similar to a HTML page header. Wireframe version or revision, etc... Optional element used for searching purposes. Not all applications are expected to make use of this element. Optional link to more information about this wireframe. This must be a URI. Optional descriptor about tool used to generate XML instance. Typically this is only needed if application specific metadata exists. A version attribute is required. When importing you can keep, discard, or move to comments. Wireframe Body is the structure of the wireframe. A wireframe view is equivalent to a HTML page, screen, form, page, cuircuit, [choose your preffered name], or component of one, etc... The first view element is usually the initial view a user will see. All other views must be a generation (child, grandson, etc...) of the initial view. If you have multiple initial views it is suggested that you link them from a single parent element with a title such as "Start". This can be optionally used to describe what sub-components make up the view. This allows you to modularize your views. These can be nested. This is the typical way to link one view to another. The user or system performs some type of action resulting in a new view. These are typically in the format of "I am ..." or "I do ..." Descriptions do not contain style or design information. Descriptive title. These can be either user or generator defined. These should have no influence on behaviour and are optionally displayed. These are to be used as you would use comments in any programming language. Imported data that does not fit into other elements should land here. The order of comment elements should not matter. This element should only be used for application specific required data that can not be represented in other elements. The typical behaviour when importing a wireframe of a different generator type is to translate all meta elements to comment elements "key=value" without the quotes. You may choose to map these to your application where appropriate. The order of meta elements should not matter. Usage example: client=ACME Rockets This element links one view to another (or to itself). The order of link elements should not matter. Node name. These should conform to some naming convention.